Upgrading & Downgrading with Multiple Subscription Groups

  • 21 August 2021
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Hey all,

I am a bit confused on how best to setup subscription groups on iOS and would love your help.

On my app I’m adding 3 service levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) with 4 durations each (Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months, Annual). The 3 service levels are setup as entitlements on RevenueCat and they are set up as 3 separate subscription groups on App Store Connect.

While testing, I realized that a user could be subscribed to all 3 simultaneously and upgrading/downgrading does not automatically work as I didn’t specify anywhere that one subscription is a down/upgrade of another. 

From my understanding on this and this post, Apple would automatically manage the up/down/cross grading with refunds and billing.


My question is; to set everything up correctly, would I need to have 1 instead of the 3 subscription groups I currently have for each service level on App Store Connect and pile all the 12 products under 1 subscription group? Or did I start off correctly with 3 subscription groups and would need to do something further to declare them as service levels?

Thanks in advance :)


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Hey @Gonenc Mete :wave: ,

If the 3 programs are separate subscriptions, I'd recommend creating 3 separate entitlements in RevenueCat, and 3 separate subscription groups in App Store Connect.

In this way, a user could be subscribed to multiple programs at the same time.

If only one program should be subscribed to at a single time, you could still create multiple entitlements, but only keep products in a single subscription group separated into service levels. We describe service levels in our blog post from above, and here:

Additionally, Apple describes subscription groups here:

Let us know if this answered your question!


Thank you so much Jazmine!