The receipt is invalid

  • 4 July 2023
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Hi All, 

I’m encountering this error, while attempting to test an in-app purchase in sandbox environment: 
😿‼️ The receipt is not valid.
API request failed: POST /v1/receipts: The receipt is not valid.

I’m aware others have encountered this issue before and that the problem was on Apple’s side. Anybody else encountering the same issue now? It seems not working since last evening. Could it be a problem from my side?

I’m wondering what should I do? Should I just wait? 


2 replies

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Hi @SalvoReeflex ,


Is this a StoreKit test receipt? If so, have you uploaded your StoreKit test certificate? The certificate is needed in order to validate StoreKit test receipts. You can find in our docs how to upload it.




Sorry guys, my bad! There was a typo in the App Shared Secret. The last letter didn’t get copied between Connect and RC. The app working last night was another one 😂… definitely need some vacation!

All working now!