The product is not available for purchase [Flutter] [Android]

  • 7 December 2023
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I'm using the latest purchases_flutter: ^6.5.0. All setup is done for Android, Apple consoles, and RevenueCat console, and the testing account is properly configured. Subscription purchase works correctly on iOS, but on Android, it displays the following error:  


PlatformException(5, The product is not available for purchase., {code: 5, message: The product is not available for purchase., readableErrorCode: ProductNotAvailableForPurchaseError, readable_error_code: ProductNotAvailableForPurchaseError, underlyingErrorMessage: Error updating purchases. DebugMessage: . ErrorCode: ITEM_UNAVAILABLE., userCancelled: false}, null)

I have tried the following methods, but they all result in the same error:

var customerInfo = await Purchases.purchasePackage(package!); var customerInfo = await Purchases.purchaseStoreProduct(package!.storeProduct); var customerInfo = await Purchases.purchaseProduct("tv_basic_annual");

There are other threads where the same issue is reported, but the solutions are for lower API versions. I am stuck with this error and need assistance in resolving it.

I tested this thing in real device.  

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Happy to help here. That’s a store error indicating something is wrong with the device or user.

Using a physical device to test this is good. Can you confirm it has Play Services installed and is a recentish version? And can you confirm you went through these steps and properly set up a license tester for Google?