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  • 27 August 2021
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We’ve got our iOS app working in testflight with subscriptions, and we have not uploaded a “Subscription p8 key file.”  (We have added the App-Specific Shared Secret.) 

We are able to retrieve the current offer and purchase it.   So, when is the Subscription p8 key file needed?  For what functionality?

p.s. I’ve seen the blog at, but it just says to upload it.  



4 replies

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Hey @TBZ! 👋

The subscription p8 key file is for non-introductory subscription offers and offer-codes so RevenueCat can securely authenticate and validate a subscription offer request with Apple.  You can read more about this in our iOS Subscription Offers doc:


I see the description for redeeming Offer Codes from the app with presentCodeRedemptionSheet().

But, if we have not implemented that in app, and a user redeems via App Store directly, will RevenueCat pick it up (entitlement.isActive)?

i.e. What is required to recognize in appthat a user has redeemed an Offer Code via App Store?



I can confirm that you can send out Offer Codes for your app, using URL for redemption, with no extra coding or setup.

e.g. emailing a link for ‘1-month free’ for new user installs


@cody I can’t find in the docs how I can upload a p8 file for testing using the storekit config file. When I try to pull the SKPaymentDiscount, I get an error that directs me to this url , but these aren’t for .storekit sandbox testing.