Subscription not being updated despite user opening app

  • 5 January 2022
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RevenueCat is working well for almost all of my users. There is a user where the subscription is not being updated in the RevenueCat system despite the user frequently opening the app.


An example user is l6eLj1tGiTZfNUVA who started their subscription 2021-11-05 10:11 AM. 


The Google Play console shows they been rebilling every month since 2021-11-03 and was last billed on 2022-01-03 however this isn’t shown in RevenueCat so I have to manually check with GPLAY and extend his subscription each time.


I checked and this user last opened the app at the start of 2022 so is missing the December billing event, they are also using the most recent version of the app which includes the RevenueCat Cordova plugin.


Any help would be appreciated 🙏


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Hey @DK2000!

I would ask this customer if they’re able to restore purchases in your app, that would re-sync any subscriptions with RevenueCat. Also, make sure they’re signed in with the same Google account that made the purchase initially. 

Here’s an article that may be helpful: