Store Status Incompatible product with flutter / google play

  • 2 February 2023
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Until few hours ago, everything was running smoothly. This afternoon I received a Flutter package update. After updating, I completed my project. After admob and iap test When I checked Revenuecat, I saw an error with the "Store Status Incompatible product." I couldn't understand if it's my fault or not. Can you please help me?" this problem occures with google play

5 replies

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Hi there! We’ve been discussing this in a support ticket but I wanted to answer here for visibility for any other developers who may be looking for help with a similar issue.

This may have something to do with our recent migration of existing products in current apps in order to support the new Google Play features:

Can you try any of the following steps?

  • Delete the product in RevenueCat side and re-create or import it.
  • Update your Play Store service credentials in the app's settings in RevenueCat. This will re-trigger the migration. Please allow a few minutes for the migration to complete, and then check the product status again.
  • Create a new product with a new identifier.


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I’ve hit the same issue. I’ve just added 2 new subscription products to my app on Google Play and I’ve got the incompatibility message.

For bulletpoint 2, does one have to create a new service account from scratch in order to trigger the reimport or is there a simpler process based on the existing service account and credentials?

I would rather not have to go through this horrendous process every time I add a new product on google Play.

Many thanks.

PS - I created a new Service Account Credentials JSON and dropped the file into RC’s apps settings, disconnected from Google and reconnected.

The “Store Status” for my 2 new products is still marked as ‘Incompatible Product’.

The do however appear to come through in my offerings in the app and I am able to make those purchases, the only issue being is that the ‘details’ field appears to be empty and I’ve definitely filled that in in Google Play.

Go figure.

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the only issue being is that the ‘details’ field appears to be empty and I’ve definitely filled that in in Google Play.

This seems to have fixed itself. I guess the updates take a while to come through?
The products are still flagged as ‘incompatible’ but they do appear to work in the app so I’ll just soldier on like nothing happened.

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@Rob Brooks are you still seeing your products as incompatible?

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No. All fine now. Things just seemed to sort themselves out, thank you.