Some products return incorrect prices on iOS

  • 19 December 2021
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I currently have 20 products live on the App Store for my app that fetch the correct prices from the App Store Connect. However, I’m currently working on a new build and on sandbox mode some of the products consistently return incorrect prices. These can be $0 or an older price I set for the same product. I’ve attached an example.


I’ve double checked that at the time of purchase the correct productID, locale and currency is being requested.


Has anyone run into this issue before? Greatly appreciate any and all feedback.




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2 replies

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RevenueCat gets the price and currency information directly from the SKProduct, so this may be a quirk in the sandbox environment. Can you try using a new sandbox test account? It may also be worth restarting the device and deleting/reinstalling the app since it sounds like the old price might be cached somewhere.

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Thank you very much sharif. The issue did not carry over to the live version so it was likely a sandbox caching issue as you’ve mentioned.

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