Simple non consumable fails to complete purchase with Flutter on iOS

  • 6 December 2023
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Contacted support already about this issue and received a response asking me to try enabling debugging but I replied back to say that the code snippet I provided included this line


Which as far as I know enables debugging so it was already on. Two days on I never received another reply from support so I’m trying here.

I'm using the code below with revenue cat testing with a sandbox user in my flutter app. The apple in app purchase window appears, I purchase, input the password and it goes to the next screen to finish the purchase but I never actually see "Purchase successful. Ads removed!" printed. The public_sdk_key must be correct since the correct offerings are found. Of course the keys and IDs below are not the ones I'm using for testing, I am using the correct ones. I have created a non consumable in app purchase in app store connect and it's status is 'ready to submit'.


pubspec.yaml import = purchases_flutter: ^6.4.0


Offering? _offering;



void initState() {





Future<void> initPlatformState() async {


Purchases.configure(PurchasesConfiguration("public_sdk_key")); //public_sdk_key = public API key

Offerings offerings = await Purchases.getOfferings();

if (offerings.current != null) {

setState(() {

_offering = offerings.current;





void makePurchase(Package package) async {

try {

print('try purchase');

CustomerInfo customerInfo = await Purchases.purchasePackage(package);

print("cannot reach here");

var isPro = customerInfo.entitlements.all["pro_entitlement_id"]?.isActive ?? false; //pro_entitlement_id

if (isPro) {

print("Purchase successful. Ads removed!");


} on PlatformException catch (e) {

print("Purchase failed with error code: ${e.code}");




In the makePurchase function we see "try purchase" printed but we never see "cannot reach here" even and the popup to purchase simply re-appears asking us to try to purchase again. No error messages or debug messages are printed. I'm purchasing with this:




if I print print(_offering!.lifetime!); I get:


Package(identifier: $rc_lifetime, packageType: PackageType.lifetime, storeProduct: StoreProduct(identifier: rmv_ads, description: Remove permanently all ads from the app, title: Remove ads, price: 0.99, priceString: £0.99, currencyCode: GBP, introductoryPrice: null, discounts: [], productCategory: ProductCategory.nonSubscription, defaultOption: null, subscriptionOptions: null, presentedOfferingIdentifier: null, subscriptionPeriod: null), offeringIdentifier: rmv_ads)

2 replies

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Getting this error when opening the app in sandbox mode:

Error enumerating unfinished transactions: Error Domain=ASDErrorDomain Code=500 "(null)" UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x600000cc4930 {Error Domain=AMSErrorDomain Code=2 "Finance Authentication Error" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Finance Authentication Error, AMSURL=, AMSStatusCode=401, NSLocalizedFailureReason=No delegate to perform authentication: <AMSAuthenticateRequest: 0x600000c867f0> {

  account = (78985344-F6FD-42AD-BCEB-DF36B39D9837),

  logKey = 1379CD2F,

  options = <AMSAuthenticateOptions: 0x600003b402a0> {

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsAllowPasswordGeneration = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsAllowSecondaryCredentialSource = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsAllowServerDialogs = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsAuthenticationTypeKey = 1,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsCanMakeAccountActiveKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsClientInfo = {length = 983, bytes = 0x62706c69 73743030 d4010203 04050607 ... 00000000 0000033d },

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsCredentialSourceKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsDebugReason = no dialogResponse in AMSFinanceAuthenticateResponse,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsDelegateAuthEnabledKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsEnableAccountCreationKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsEphemeralKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsForceSyncToPairedWatchKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsIgnoreAccountConversion = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsLogKeyKey = 1379CD2F,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsRemoteProxyAuthenticationKey = 0,

  AMSAuthenticateOptionsServiceType = 2,


}}}, storefront-country-code=GBR, client-environment-type=Sandbox}

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Solving internally via support ticket, will update with resolution here.