Sign In with Apple + RevenueCat best practices

  • 12 September 2021
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We are launching a new app that requires users to sign in with their Apple ID (sign in with Apple). Are there any best practices for using the RC purchases SDK in combination with sign in with Apple. 


One thing I was wondering was if we should rely on the Apple Identity Token as our User IDs or the anonymous user IDs vended by RC. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

2 replies

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Hey @Omer Winrauke! 👋

There are likely benefits for either option of user ID. If you need to perform actions on a user from your own server, it might be easier to have a non-anonymous identifier (like the `sub` value from Sign In With Apple, that Apple mentions is a unique identifier) so you can reference the user from other mechanisms than just the RevenueCat anonymous identifier which is, of course, anonymous by default.

That being said, if you don’t need to reference the user from your own server (or even have a server for your app), anonymous RevenueCat IDs will work just fine and will ensure the user is private. I’d recommend displaying the ID somewhere in your app though, so if your customer has any support issues they are able to reach out with the relevant info you’d need to provide support from the RevenueCat dashboard (granting entitlements, etc.).

Maybe others in the community have some experience here that they can share?


Awesome, thank you for the detailed response! Are there any drawbacks to adding the Apple ‘sub’ as a subscriber attribute? 

I was hoping that we can use the anonymous RevenueCat ID as a customer facing way to identify users (i.e. support emails sent from the app) and the Apple ‘sub’ as a way to identify our users on our back end.