SDK call straight after cancellation webhook still showing entitlement

  • 21 December 2021
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The current setup we’ve got is:

  1. We receive a webhook from RevenueCat letting us know subscriber info has changed (e.g. setup or cancelled a subscription)
  2. We call the RevenueCat Node SDK to get the up to date entitlements for that specific user
  3. We update our database with this new information


We currently have one entitlement. My understanding is that when we get a cancellation webhook request through, when we call out to the RevenueCat SDK, this should return an empty list of null. For some reason, when we call this after cancellation, it’s returning a list containing the entitlement that’s just been cancelled. Can anyone help me to understand why this is happening? This flow seems to work fine for setting up a subscription, but not for cancelling one.

Note: This is testing in Sandbox and this is the case for both EXPIRATION and CANCELLATION events


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1 reply

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Problem solved with filtering out the expired entitlements - my bad!