Remove entitlement for non-renewable purchuse

  • 9 January 2023
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I have following scenario in my app: 

Each file creation should be an in-app purchase. 
I have an entitlement “create a new file” 

User buys this entitlements 
User creates a new file 
After that I want to take this entitlement back from the user so that next time they will need to purchase “new file” again
Is that possible or I have a wrong understanding of how it works? 



Best answer by Ryan Glanz 11 January 2023, 18:21

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5 replies

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Hi Roman,


Yeah, that’s certainly possible. It would be similar to a “consumable” purchase, which we do support (


In this case, it would probably be better you to not attach the purchase to an entitlement, and rather use custom logic in your app to unlock the file.


We typically don’t allow developers to manually revoke entitlements from users; rather they expire or the purchase is refunded. This protects users from getting their entitlements cancelled despite paying for them.

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Thanks a lot Ryan 
It helped me to resolve my issue

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Hi @Ryan Glanz Maybe I Specify one. more thing 

I have implemented this consumable purchase according to the guide and it works. 
One thing I can’t figure out: when I “buy” this consumable again I see an alert “you have already purchased this offering do you want to get it one more time for free” 

Is it because of the sandbox or I’m dong something wrong? 


Hi @Roman Herman, I’m just wondering if you figured out whether the alert above was showing due to the sandbox?

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Hi @ali-35eede it was either sandbox or misconfiguration from my side