Prorationmode IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_FULL_PRICE missing from Flutter SDK

  • 21 December 2022
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I am not finding the “IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_FULL_PRICE” Proraion-mode option on the Flutter SDK. 


Is this available on the latest package? We are using the version ^3.10.0 now. 


We need this Prorationmode but the SDK enum does not have this method. 


Anyone found a work around? 

8 replies

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I had to Fork the library and edit my self.

RevenueCat please wake up..

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@Saku Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It looks like we missed that proration mode when it got added in BillingClient v4. 

If you already have a fork adding the value, we’d be more than happy to review a pull request and integrate the changes! 

If you don’t want to open up a pull request, we can add it to our backlog. Let me know! 

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Any update? @Andy 

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@Jacint @Saku Haven’t done it yet, finding time in the backlog can be rough. But I’m going to go ahead and add this myself, test it and push an update soon. Thanks for your patience on this. 


Any update about “IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_FULL_PRICE” Proraion-mode ? @Andy 

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@Meet I pushed an update to all SDKs, it’s now available everywhere starting with: 

  • purchases-unity 4.13.0
  • react-native-purchases 5.12.0
  • cordova-plugin-purchases 3.12.0
  • purchases-flutter 4.11.0
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is it mean that Revenue cat in flutter always use immediate and Charge full price if I update a new product?

For example 

I’ll update to packageBasic $210 to packagePremium $410 
The user going to pay $410 ? because in Flutter we have  IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_FULL_PRICE how default? 

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@victor-manuel-lagunas-132a70 you can optionally pass in the proration mode you wish to use:


More information on proration modes here: