original_purchase_date and re-subscribing to subscription

  • 2 October 2021
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I am processing the REST JSON output from . For a scenario I need the date when the user started the current subscription. As far as I understand the “original_purchase_date” provides the original date of purchase. This is fine as long as the user does not cancel and later re-subscribes. Is there a way to get the original purchase date of the re-subscription?

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Hey @MobApp!

We currently include a purchase_date property, which is the date of the latest renewal or purchase, and we include the original_purchase_date property, which is the first recorded purchase of that product.

We don’t currently include a field for the first purchase date after a cancellation, but you might be able to calculate this on your end by subscribing to webhooks and storing the dates in your own database based on the specific logic that you need. For example, you could store a cancellation date, then once a user resubscribes, store that date as the ‘new’ subscription start date.