Ongoing purchase canceled when app goes to background

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On my app, when the user taps the Purchase button, the prompt for login with Apple appears asking for password. If the user doesn't remember his AppleID password and has to look it up on another app, he will send my app to background and open another app to search for the password. 

As soon as he goes back to my app I have a PURCHASE_CANCELLED error, and he has to restart the process, taping the Purchase button again. 

Is there a way for RevenueCat to not cancel the purchase when app goes to background in the middle of purchase process?

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Best answer by sharif 15 May 2023, 17:42

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Hey @clicvozz-22eba4 ,

That purchase cancelled error is caused by iOS, not RevenueCat. It basically means that the purchase process has been interrupted by the user. In this case, leaving your app to find a password dismisses the password prompt, which iOS interprets as user interruption. Not much you can do here because iOS needs the user to restart the purchase process. The good thing is that everything is working as intended. Hopefully Apple can improve that part of the process (RevenueCat tries to avoid that password prompt wherever possible but RevenueCat doesn’t have control over this specific part of the process.)

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Hello Sharif,

Yes, we will send the user a message explaining this. Apple has reject our app because of this… error message instead of friendly message.

Thank you. 

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Thanks for the additional information, I have updated my response to address it