[NODE][API] Cant find any relevant documentation to import RevenueCat module with ES6 syntaxe




I cant find any relevant documentation to import RevenueCat module in a NodeJS server.

I saw some CommonJS syntaxe :

const sdk = require('api')('@revenuecat/v4.0#1yz2c0m2sl5v5md8q');

but absolutely no ES6 syntaxe, which would look like :

import sdk from '@revenueCat/node-sdk'


Furthermore, the CommonJS imports are fetching from an hard-coded URL subject to change, as mentioned in some topics. What about it ?


Even if any purchase is client-side handled, I need to fetch the customers’ status server-side to return conditional data. I cant find a proper API doc about it.


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@Haley Pace @Michael Fogel any clue on this one ?

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There is no way to import RevenueCat into NodeJS, we don't make any such modules or sdks. The best option is to use our APIs directly using Node fetch. In our API docs you should use our JavaScript language to do so.