Migrating from Java to Flutter and from Play Billing subscriptions to RC

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi there.

I’m migrating my app from Java to Flutter and actually I’m using 1 annualy subscription with Play Billing that has about 100 users.

I have their tokens but not the app_user_id. 

It is complicated for me to understand the documentation since I don’t know if I can upload data manually or what else.

1 reply

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Since you don’t have user identifiers, you should do a client-side migration. In fact, this is the first step, even if you have user identifiers. A client-side migration doesn’t require you to send data to RevenueCat manually - it magically works as your users update to the version of your app with RevenueCat! Basically you can code your app to send the user’s token to RevenueCat when they first launch your app. The guide I linked has sample code that helps explain how the code would look in your app.