Is there a way to get an equivalent of the CustomerInfo object from the Rest API v2 api

  • 7 May 2024
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I’m currently trying to develop against the beta version of the v2 api. I had hoped it was going to allow me to get information that the v1 version didn’t provide but it seems even harder to use.


Am I missing something or is there no no way to get the equivalent of the CustomerInfo object. In v1 that would allow me to see all the users purchases and subscriptions but it seems in v2 I have to query for the subscriptions and purchases separately.


Also, are the webhooks going to be updated to include the subscription id parameter that’s now in the subscrition object returned from the v2 webhook?


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Hey @Brighttank !


You can still use the V1 API alongside the V2 API but you are correct in thinking that their is no subscribers endpoint in the V2 API. More information on the endpoint available in V2 can be found here


As for the webhooks being updated, I will share this with the team to get some more information.