Is it possible to fetch more than 20 offerings?

  • 27 August 2021
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Our current project contains 22 offerings (all of them have products inside), but when we call Purchases.sharedInstance.getOfferingsWith() offerings object contains only 20 items (same thing happens on both Android and iOS).

Is this correct behaivour, because we cannot find this 20 items limit in documentation?


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2 replies

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Hey @milos lalatovic!

The getOfferings() call should be fetching all of the Offerings you have configured. You can confirm this by making a REST API call to /offerings directly.

However, it’s possible that some Offerings aren’t able to be constructed on the device. This could happen if:

  1. You’ve configured on Offering without any Packages
  2. All of the product IDs in an Offering are not configured properly and cannot be fetched from Apple/Google.

For #1, you should be able to confirm in the RevenueCat dashboard if all of the Offerings contain at least one package.

For #2, you can look at the debug logs to see if there are any Invalid Product identifiers. If so, then our post on Empty Products should be able to help: 


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Thanks ryan, you were right, there was a mix up with product IDs.