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  • 24 September 2023
  • 4 replies


We are building a cross-platform app.

When trying the capacitor plugin, we are getting: Web not supported in this plugin.

Is capacitor/ionic supported in iOS and Android only?

4 replies

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Hey @hosam-aly-b726a0,

At this time, our Capacitor/Ionic SDKs can’t support web as a platform. You’d need to fetch the offerings manually via our REST API, and manually handle the purchase flow for Stripe as well.

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Is this on your roadmap?  Any timeline?   

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One minor feedback item. The error warning “Web not supported in this plugin” is super generic and was tough for me to find the origin while debugging. It would be better if it specified the origin, e.g. “Web not supported in @revenuecat/purchases-capacitor” or something like that.


I’m just seeing the “setMockWebResults” method, so will try that out for web testing. 

Did you get setMockWebResults working? It still just shows “Plugin is not supported on Web” for me.