Installing/configuring Purchases SDK with Ionic and Vue

  • 21 July 2021
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I’m trying out RevenueCat on my Ionic/Vue app. I see there are installation docs for Angular and React but not for Vue. Has anyone went through the install/configure process for Ionic and Vue? Or are there additional docs or blogs out there that could assist? Thanks.


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Hey there! We’ll get a sample for Ionic Vue up on the docs but the React snippet is based on Ionic’s Quickstart for React guide. It seems like there’s a similar Quickstart guide for Vue. Since React/Vue/Angular are all just frontend frameworks, there shouldn’t be any problems installing cordova-plugin-purchases and @ionic-native/purchases and following the Vue quickstart. Have you run into any issues with the installation process?


Hey. You’re right, the React guide provides enough info for installing with Vue, but it would be great to have an Ionic Vue sample in the docs for clarity. I’ve managed to get the through the installation process with Vue. Thanks