How to combine free trial and intro prices

  • 15 January 2022
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I  have launched a react native app recently that has a free trial period for both yearly and monthly subscription. I’d like to add a special offer limited in time for new subscriber that would make use of introductory prices.

The user journey would be as follow:

  1. 14 days free trial
  2. then 6 months $7/month
  3. then regular price of $14/month

I have been using the free trial without issue unntil I wanted to implement the introductory price on top of it. The issue is that the getOfferings function does not seems to provide both information, it only returns me the intro price object with a price of 0

Is there a way to get the full details for the configured pricing including free trial then introductory price? Or am I getting it wrong?

1 reply

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The RevenueCat SDK will only return one introductory price - first the free trial, and after that’s redeemed, the introductory price. This is a use case that the cross platform SDKs don’t fully support displaying because iOS doesn’t allow more than one introductory price, so to keep the SDK consistent across platforms we assume only one intro price on Android as well. When using the native Android SDK, you can drop down to the SkuDetails and pull the intro price manually.