"Header 'RevenueCat-Swift.h' not found" and "Could not build Objective-C module 'RevenueCat'"

  • 22 June 2022
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I integrated RevenueCat into an app written in Swift and SwiftUI. It worked all well until now.
All of the sudden Xcode throws these two errors when building the app:


Could not build Objective-C module 'RevenueCat'
At the import RevenueCat statement

Header 'RevenueCat-Swift.h' not found
In a modul.modulemap

The Content of the modulemap is as followed.

framework module RevenueCat {

  umbrella header "RevenueCat-umbrella.h"


  export *

  module * { export * }



module RevenueCat.Swift {

    header "RevenueCat-Swift.h"

    requires objc




The weird thing is, that after rebuilding the app once or twice, the errors disappear.
However, if I try to archive the app, they pop up every time and prevent Xcode from archiving the Build.

I updated to the lates Xcode version some days ago, beside that there's nothing special that could point to the start of the problem.

Any Ideas on that?


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Hey @wildcard, I think you might be seeing a manifestation of this issue?


If so, in order to work around this, you need to manually add the autogenerated file we committed to the repository RevenueCat-Swift.h to your project, and #import RevenueCat-Swift.h in your bridging header. You can see how we do this in our SPMInstallationTests project.

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There’s a bit more information in our v4 migration guide under “Known issues”

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Hi @Andy thanks for your fast reply.

I’m using CocoaPods and only have one target, so this might come from somewhere else.
Any other ideas?

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I solved it. 

Somehow my pods framework ended as a target in my build scheme… 😨
I don’t know when that happened but it was not intended and removing it solved the issue.

However, thanks for your help!