Handling unused subscription value when upgrading subscription and shortening period.

  • 6 December 2023
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I have four Google Play subscription types:

Standard Monthly - $5/month

Standard Annual - $50/year

Pro Monthly - $10/month

Pro Annual - $100/year


We are struggling with the following scenario:

A user pays for Standard Annual then quickly changes their subscription to Pro Monthly (e.g. they only use 1/10th of the standard annual entitlement).

Where does the value of the unused Standard Annual entitlement go?

We would like the unused value of the Standard Annual entitlement (e.g. $45) to be credited to their account and used for their Pro Monthly payment - is this possible?


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2 replies

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It looks like IMMEDIATE_WITH_TIME_PRORATION is the correct prorationing method here

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Hey @fmlluis !


Correct, I believe that IMMEDIATE_WITH_TIME_PRORATION is the correct proration method for this use case. We have a list of the proration methods available which can be helpful for different use cases and can be found below and at the link here


IMMEDIATE_WITHOUT_PRORATION Old subscription is cancelled, and new subscription takes effect immediately.
User is charged for the full price of the new subscription on the old subscription's expiration date.
This is the default behavior.

Google recommends this mode for upgrading while in a free trial.
IMMEDIATE_WITH_TIME_PRORATION Old subscription is cancelled, and new subscription takes effect immediately.
Any time remaining on the old subscription is used to push out the first payment date for the new subscription.
User is charged the full price of new subscription once that prorated time has passed.
The purchase will fail if this mode is used when switching between SubscriptionOptions of the same StoreProduct
IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_FULL_PRICE Replacement takes effect immediately, and the user is charged full price of new plan and is given a full billing cycle of subscription, plus remaining prorated time from the old plan.
IMMEDIATE_AND_CHARGE_PRORATED_PRICE Replacement takes effect immediately, and the billing cycle remains the same. The price difference for the remaining period is then charged to the user.

Note: This option is available only for a subscription upgrade, where the price per unit of time increases.

Google recommends this mode for upgrading to a more expensive tier, and for upgrading while in a free trial which will end access to the free trial.
DEFERRED Replacement takes effect when the old plan expires, and the new price will be charged at the same time.

Google recommends this mode for downgrading to a less expensive tier, and for changing recurring period on the same tier (from monthly to annual).

ImportantGoogle Server Notifications are required to be configured for DEFERRED mode to work properly.