Google sent initial_purchase and then immediately sent cancellation.

  • 5 September 2021
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I am made a purchase from google play, I have received a successful event, immediately after that google is sending a cancellation event. Is it a RevenueCat bug? if it is not then how can I solve this?


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Hey @Aniket Dalvi!

I took a look at your transactions, and noticed that these issues are occurring for users in India.

On April 29th, Google sent out a notice to Android developers offering subscriptions in India that new auto-renewing subscriptions, free trials, and introductory prices will be paused for the foreseeable future on May 4, 2021. This is why your subscriptions are being cancelled immediately. Note:

  • This change affects subscriptions in India only.
  • Any existing auto-renewing subscriptions in India will continue to renew as expected.
  • Any new auto-renewing subscriptions in India will not auto-renew after Google rolls out the changes in May. This means users who subscribe will need to subscribe again once their subscription expires.
  • Free trials and introductory prices won't be redeemable after Google rolls out the changes because they can't renew.

For now the only action items for you, the app developer, are:

  • Adjust your wording on your paywall to remove any mentions about free trials, introductory pricing, or auto-renewals for your users in India. While this can be done in various ways, one potential way is to check the currency of the SkuDetails using getPriceCurrencyCode ( The currency code of the rupee is INR. You can potentially also use the device's locale to change the wording on your paywall.
  • You may optionally offer different skus in India that don't include any free trials or introductory pricing. RevenueCat can help you here - just create an offering for your Indian users and display it in your app accordingly.