Google Play Subscription Changes: when will RevenueCat support the new subscription structure?

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Google has just announced changes to how they handle subscriptions: and


While existing subscriptions will continue to work, there are new ways to create offers and even new (on Android) subscription types like prepaid.


Does RevenueCat already have a timeline how and when all of this will be supported both in SDK and dashboard?


FYI: I’m also seeing the following warning in our Play Store account - I guess RevenueCat is using the InAppProduct API: “You're using the InAppProduct API to manage subscriptions, which is no longer updated. Start using the new Subscriptions API to get new features including multiple base plans and offers, as well as prepaid plans.”




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It would be great if the Revenuecat team could answer this one because meanwhile, we cannot edit subscriptions (e.g. in our case we want to change the number of days of free trial).

We basically need to know when we can click on that button “Make subscriptions editable”





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Hey @sven  and @Juan 👋🏻  We have an email drafted outlining what you can expect from RevenueCat with respect to these latest announcements, and it should go out in the next couple days. We should have a blog post shortly after with even more details.

We don’t yet have a timeline for supporting these new features, but we are actively researching and testing them out. A couple things we can answer now:

  • Don’t worry about the InAppProduct API warning, unless you’re calling that API yourself. RevenueCat does not call that API on your behalf
  • You can make your subscription editable and update the number of days of a free trial. Subscriptions have been migrated to the new system in a backwards-compatible manner. So as long as your offers have the “backwards compatible” badge in the console, RevenueCat should work as expected. It’s new features like prepaid plans and adding NEW offers to your base plans that won’t work just yet

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks for the update, @Maddie!


Hello Sven & Juan, 

Thank you for pinging us. 

We started a conversation on this thread about the Google I/O announcements. In case you have any further thoughts or questions, please comment there. 

Thank you!

PM @ RevenueCat