getCustomerInfo() not returning active Entitlement on different device

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I have the same app running in production on two iOS devices, both devices are logged in with the same Apple ID.

The App on both devices are logged into the same user account.

The app calls `configure` with the same RevCat user id, and then calls `getCustomerInfo`.

On the iPhone: the customer info shows the correct active entitlement.

On the iPad: There is no active entitlement.

I’ve tried logging out, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but this behavior persists.

What’s causing this? How do I fix it? Thank you!

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I am using `@revenuecat/purchases-capacitor`
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Did you do restore purchase on the iPad?

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Hi, similar to what jamiejamie suggested I would recommend restoring purchases on the iPad to gain access to purchases