[Flutter Android] PurchasesErrorCode.productNotAvailableForPurchaseError

  • 30 June 2022
  • 1 reply

  • Fetched all offerings with accurate details
  • Create a closed testing release with testers (Successfully published)
  • Using a real device with logged in email in the play store that is included in the testers

All of the necessary steps to test the subscription feature have been done but still I’m getting : 

D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(10299): ℹ️ Vending Offerings from cache
D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(10299): ℹ️ Checking if cache is stale AppInBackground false
I/flutter (10299): PurchasesErrorCode.productNotAvailableForPurchaseError
I/flutter (10299): The product is not available for purchase.


1 reply


Hi @Dubs 

Thank you for posting here, I have one question to see If we are pointing in the right direction. Have you configured the offerings and the packages?


Is the product an in app purchase or a subscription?


Another thing to double check is that the products are active.