Discount coming as Null

  • 26 November 2022
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We are getting Null discount from Revenuecat even though we have set up the discount in google play under offers (phase). SS of how Revenue cat is passing data.


Structure we have set in Google play..

In playstore the structure is like this:
Subscription > Base Plan > Offer > Phase 1 ( Free trial) + Phase 2 (10/20/30% discount)

2 replies

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The underlying stores apply introductory offers to purchases automatically and isn't something that RevenueCat's Purchases SDK controls


When an eligible user attempts to purchase a product that has an introductory offer (e.g. a free trial) the offer will be applied automatically.

If the introductory offer isn't applied to the purchase in the system payment sheet, double check that:

  • The purchasing user is eligible, e.g. the underlying store account hasn't already purchased that product
  • You've waited up to 24 hours for product propagation after adding the offer
  • The free trial offer is marked as Backwards Compatible in Google Play Console

I am experiencing the same issue. The disccounts of Phase 2 were not retrieved. 

In my case, when the user enter the Billing API do purchase, the correct information with all phases is displayed to him.

How can I show these discounts in the paywall?