Canceled promo entitlement still Active 7 days later

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Hello. I granted my Google account a promotional entitlement from the RevCat console for testing in my app during development (running in an emulator). I canceled it 7 days ago, but RevCat is still returning the promotional entitlement as Active. (I have run the app countless times over the past week.)

This is what the dashboard shows for my user:


And this is what RevCat is showing when the app runs:



The Flutter code pulling in the above data is simply:
customerInfo = await Purchases.getCustomerInfo();


Can someone explain why this is happening, and how I can ensure that my app is pulling in the correct entitlement data?

Thank you.


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Hi there,

I’ve checked that user and I’ve noticed that they have a lifetime active subscription in sandbox, which then it seems correct that you are returned `isActive: true` because the environment you are checking is sandbox. You can find the `isSandbox: true` just at the bottom of isActive.

You can switch between sandbox and production data in RevenueCat dashboard clicking on the Sandbox data box on the top right of the page.

I think the confusion comes that you are seeing the production customer history in RevenueCat dashboard but checking the sandbox environment when you are running your app.


I hope this helps! 

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Thanks Joan, that’s interesting, I didn’t realize there could be two different views of the same customer in the console.

I clicked the Sandbox checkbox in the console and now see that this user has test-purchased four “lifetime” entitlements. I went through all the purchase history and found only three test purchases, and refunded those three.

Now, this user is only showing one “lifetime” entitlement (which makes sense, since I was able to “refund” three of the four that were there). I want to remove this final entitlement, but I cannot figure out how to do so. I understand that the system does not allow me to remove an entitlement directly, but there is no fourth test-purchase for me to refund. 

So, how can I remove this final remaining “lifetime” entitlement?

Thanks very much for your assistance.

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Hey @Talicom ,


The lifetime entitlement was likely purchased from a non-subscription purchase. It depends which platform the purchase was on, but depending on the platform you will need to handle the refund differently. More information on this can be found here. Once the purchase is refunded, the entitlement should be revoked automatically. 

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Hello. Yes, I am familiar with your documentation on this topic. Yes, this was a non-subscription purchase. As I wrote above, I already refunded all three test purchases that were shown in the user’s purchase history in the console:

In the user’s purchase history, there do not appear any additional non-subscription purchases  beyond those which were already refunded, thus there are no more test purchases shown that I can refund. Nevertheless, there remains one more active non-subscription entitlement, which is shown in the console and which is being returned to the SDK.

So, given this situation, I repeat my question: How can I remove this entitlement from this user?

Thank you.