Background Task 3 ("SKReceiptRefreshRequest")

  • 18 June 2022
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Our app has been approved & now in app store for almost a year without problem with app subscription.

Today I tested a new version using sandbox environment, I got the following messages in the log:

[BackgroundTask] Background Task 3 ("SKReceiptRefreshRequest"), was created over 30 seconds ago. In applications running in the background, this creates a risk of termination. Remember to call UIApplication.endBackgroundTask(_:) for your task in a timely manner to avoid this.

After I got this message, the app is killed by iOS system & quit unexpectedly.  

The app purchase is never changed since it approved by Apple.  The current new version in development hasn’t also been changed.

The purchase SDK that I used is Purchases 3.13.1


Are there any leaks in this SDK version? or maybe Apple appstore has introducing new “mechanism” that  this version of SDK can’t handle it? 




2 replies

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For info:

The version of IOS is 15.5 & xCode is 13.4.1

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It seems, this is related with this:  


Unfortunately, this still happens in version 15.5.  When it happens, the app will crash frequently even without doing nothing.  

When an app reviewer experience this situation, a related app will always crash when he/she is testing.  Because, there is no way an app reviewer will do a workaround as suggested.

Please, fix this bug. Thank you.