Are IOS Offer Codes used with In-App purchases still buggy?

  • 30 December 2023
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The documentation on IOS Offers Codes states that Offer Codes were added in IOS 14 (2020) and there is a warning that in-app redemption is buggy/unstable. Is this still the case 3 years later -  or are the docs outdated? 


Quoted from article:

“Since launch, Apple's in-app Offer Code redemption sheet has proven to be extremely unstable. For example, the sheet may not connect, may not dismiss after a successful redemption, and may not accept valid codes. Additionally, sandbox and TestFlight behavior has been seen to be inconsistent.

A workaround may be to instead redirect customers to the App Store app to redeem codes as described below.”


3 replies

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Hi, in theory yes, but we have had many developers that are using offer codes. If you have found a case where in-app redemption is not working, please share it here and our engineers can look into it.

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@Haley Pace so does Revenue Cat still suggest we build a workaround, or does the in-app Offer Code redemption sheet seem more stable nowadays? 

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Bump on this.