apple, No cancellation notification received

  • 24 July 2023
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apple, I can receive notification of renewal, but there is no notification of unsubscription

2 replies

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Hey @wuhao-wechat-w953999109,

If a user cancels a subscription, we’ll send a `cancellation` event at the time of opt out, then an `expiration` event when the subscription actually expires. You can see these events in the customer history, or you can set up integrations such as webhooks to send a notification when these events occur.

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@kaitlin I’m reopening this thread, please 🙏

I’m having the same issue. I don’t receive the cancellation / expiration events. 

I’ve cancelled the subscription by using the 

manageSubscriptionsSheet which opens the below screen. (I can’t reach/see my subscriptions through Settings → <User > → Subscriptions because there’s nothing there. It says i don’t have any subscription active - idk if this is related though)

I was excepting that after i press cancel, some event will trigger, and also if i cancel and then wait 5 minutes, because that’s how I’ve set up my monthly subscriptions to renew from xcode using a test storekit file, to see an expiration event.