Android customers asked to open the app and confirm subscription within 5 days

  • 27 March 2022
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I'm having a problem with Android users, they purchase the subscription, but does not receive the subscription, instead they are asked to open the App to confirm the subscription

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react-native-purchases: 4.5.2

7 replies

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I think this could have to do with requirements set by the customers’ bank or credit card - there wouldn’t be you could do on your end to change the Play Store payment flow. 

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But when the user opens the App clicking on the link, should i have some listener or do something to process it?

The only thing i could find was but even putting it on the main screen it does not process the subscription

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There is a listener you could plug into that would pick up any updates happening on the device: Does that fire after the confirmation flow? 

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I noticed i was using the old DSN, updated to the new public key system but i got the same result, also i noticed the webhook is not receiving any events.


I found this reference, but i assume you are doing this automatically?

I'm not sure how can i test the event you send because in order to test the subscription, i need to send a new version to the Play Store, so i don’t have access to console.log

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Also, this happens with the test credit card too, so i think is not a problem between the bank and google

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Ok, i was able to get the logs (you can install the App on your Android phone without uploading it to the play store and access the log), after confirming the purchase, its records:

[Error: There was a credentials issue. Check the underlying error for more details.]
Looking on stackoverflow, it seems to be a problem with the credentials between revenuecat and play store.

I had all the configuration done right, but the credentials where old (+6 month without using them), so I'm asumming they expired somehow, so i created new credentials and re-configured everything, i will update in 2 days.

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Update: it worked, so if anyone faces this problem, i would recommend creating a new service account in gcp and updating it on revenuecat admin panel.