Ability to cancel a subscription from within the app.

  • 1 August 2022
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There is another question out there marked as solved (see below) however I believe there is a need to re-open this as per recent changes to Google policy. Google is now requiring apps to allow for cancelling a subscription from within an app. An email was sent to app developers about a policy change:

  • We’re updating our Subscriptions policy to state that users must be able to easily cancel their subscriptions from within the app.


You’ll have at least 30 days from the date of this notification to update your app to comply with the following policy changes.

As this is not currently possible via RevenuCat it means that apps are in danger of being in violation of Google policies and banned from the Play Store. 

We urgently need a way to cancel a subscription so that it does not renew but without refunding for purchases already made.



2 replies

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Hey there! 


We provide a managementURL in the SDK that should satisfy Google’s requirements. If you add a button to open that URL, a user will be taken to sub management in the Play Store. 


There is a way for us programmatically refund via API, but embedding that in the app isn’t the best idea. Letting a user cancel via the play store is best.

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@Robert Mayham Hi! 


You can comply with Google’s updated policy by providing a link somewhere in your app to the managementURL property in PurchaserInfo (recently renamed to CustomerInfo).