New subscription expiration event

  • 8 September 2021
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As of today, RevenueCat is supporting a new event type that is surfaced via the customer view on the RevenueCat dashboard, webhooks, and integrations: The EXPIRATION event. This event is fired after the subscription of a customer expires (not necessarily at the exact second the subscription expires, but shortly thereafter). This should make it even easier for you to understand the subscription status of your customers, both by looking at the dashboard or in your own backend systems. The webhook documentation has more details about the event and its fields.


A few points to note:

  • For subscriptions that expired before we shipped this new event, we will backfill and show these events on the customer page in the dashboard as you visit the page for a given customer for the first time; however, we will not send these backfilled events to webhooks and integrations (so you don’t have to handle the case where you suddenly get expiration events from long churned customers).
  • In order to send this new event to integrations, you will need to configure the new event names to use in the respective integrations settings page.
  • This event is currently in beta; please let us know if you encounter any issues with this new event!


4 replies

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@Jens Can you please explain the difference between Expire and Canceled? I am seeing users “opt-out” of renewal but are listed as expired. 



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Cancelled happens whenever the subscriber changes their auto-renewal status to non-renewing; Expiration happens when the subscription actually ends. If that’s not the case, please shoot us an email to so we can investigate.

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If a grace period is defined in the App Store for billing issues, when does this event get fired (assuming the billing issue is not resolved): before the grace period or after?
Another question we have is: if a subscription is paused (possible only on Google Play), is this event (EXPIRATION) fired?


Yariv from the Bizillion team

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Hi Yariv,

Sorry for letting this fall through the cracks - in the case of a billing issue, the EXPIRATION event will be fired as soon as possible after the grace period has ended. We are pretty aggressive at checking receipts in this state so it shouldn’t be more than an hour or two after the grace period has ended. For even faster timing, be sure to set up server notifications.

For the paused question, I answered that in this thread - we currently won’t send an EXPIRATION event when a Play subscription is paused.