New dashboard feature: Apple order ID lookup

  • 2 February 2022
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As of today, RevenueCat is supporting Apple order ID lookup. Customers can retrieve this order ID from their purchase history on the App Store and it is also sent in the email receipt each time they make in-app purchases. This will aid your support cases when your customers claim they purchased a product and never had their features unlocked.



To enable lookup via Order ID for iOS apps, follow our guide on setting up In-App Purchase Keys.

2 replies

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Hey tina.


Is this feature still working?
I searched the RevenueCat dashboard today for an Apple order ID and could not find the corresponding user.

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I believe that you might be looking up the wrong value. It can be a bit confusing because Apple has a couple of different order ids. The one you want to search users by is the identifier in the Apple's order confirmation emails. See our docs here: