Looking for Beta Testers for a our new Android SDK that has support for Google Billing Library 5

  • 28 November 2022
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Hey all, as some of you might know we’ve been hard at work upgrading our platform to support all the of Google's new subscription model. As we are preparing for our new Android major release we would like to get your help as a beta tester with the new product setup and the basic purchase flow.

Here is a new blog for you to refresh your memory / familiarize yourself on what are the main changes between Billing Client 4 to 5.

Here are our requirements for you to become a beta tester:

  • 📱 Have a native Android App (No Hybrids or Amazon for now)

  • 🔍 You are not using Observer Mode

  • 🎞 For now we will not restore purchases that happened outside of RC

  • 🔆 You have maximum of 20 products (soft requirement) 

  • 🌲 Availability and willingness to test with us

  •  🕺🏾 Not using dev-determined offers (yet)


How can you help?😻

If you fit the above requirements and have capacity to beta test with us please respond to the thread or drop me an email at

I will then confirm your attendance to our closed beta via email or a community private message and add you to our list. 

Throughout this period of beta testing we will do our best to support you with your questions, observations and feedback via a private slack channel. 

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