Improved customer lists loading times

  • 4 April 2022
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We are currently rolling out some improvements to our customer lists. In the next few days, you will find a new setting in the filter settings for your customer lists: the ability to define whether the filters should only be applied to those customers with purchases (e.g., started a trial, started a subscription, or made a non-subscription purchase) or not. By default, lists will only include customers with purchases. This means that lists will now load much more quickly in most cases, since apps typically have vastly more customers without purchases than those with customers. For those lists that should include customers without purchases, you can simply change the setting – this will mean the list loads and exports somewhat slower (but not slower than it did until today).

For your existing customer lists, the setting has been automatically set to the "correct" setting as per the other filters – if a list currently contains customers without transactions, the setting will be "All customers", otherwise it will be "Only customers with purchases". You can of course manually update this setting for your existing lists if you wish by simply going into the filter settings for the list.

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