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  • 8 February 2024
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when user buy first time one plan using buyConsumable method everything's works prefect, but when buy same plan second time play console showing me "already own this item". help me if anyone know.
I want to need multiple time buy same product.

1 reply

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Hey @gautam-a62e54 !


We dont have a buyConsumable method in our SDK. Could you send debug logs that reproduce this? You can enable debug logs by following this guide


Also, this error happens when the product is already active for the user.


If you get this error while testing in sandbox:

  • Subscription IAP: Wait for the subscription to automatically cancel and try again.
  • Non-subscription IAP: Create a new sandbox user.

If this occurs in production, make sure the user restores purchases to re-sync any transactions with their current App User Id.


If you are getting this on a consumable in production, does that consumable have an entitlement attached to it? if you add a consumable product to an entitlement, RevenueCat will report that entitlement as unlocked (forever), even after one purchase. This is because there is no expiration date for consumables, like there is for a subscription. This may work for some use-cases, but generally, you wouldn't add a consumable product to an entitlement meant to be unlocked by a subscription.


Let me know if that helps!