When two users have the same app id.

  • 23 March 2022
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We have two different environments/backends for our app

  1. Test BE
  2. Production BE

Theoretically it is possible to have the same app id of users created on test vs user created on prod BE, as they are separate backends. 

FYI: For test env users, we use the RCat sandbox for subscriptions.


User A is a test BE user (app id: 123), has an active subscription on RCat sandbox. This can be seen on the RCat user profile by enabling the sandbox toggle. 

User B is created on production BE, with the same app id (app id: 123), and does NOT has any active subscription.



Q1: Will these two users have the same user profile on RCat (allowing to switch between them through the sandbox toggle on top), or will they both have different profiles?

Q2: Will User B be able to access the sandbox subscription from user A in any way? This user is not a licensed tester. 


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This post was also submitted in our ticketing system, and this was our answer:

Hey Shaista!

If you're using the same RevenueCat API key in both of your environments / backends - then there will be a single customer record in RevenueCat that has both a sandbox and production purchase associated with their record.

Q1: On RCat, will there be two different profiles for both of these users? or just one? considering they have the same app id.

Just one profile

Q2: Will the production user have access to the sandbox subscription in any case or vice versa?

Correct, the single profile with have access to the sandbox subscription and vis versa