What is the best way to deal with multiple aliased users after moving away from legacy restore behavior?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi, we use a combination of the Rest API and Xamarin Forms wrapper around the RevenueCat SDK to integrate with RevenueCat. When we first went live our account was still set to the Legacy restore behavior. This has created issues for us because users who share phones and or have multiple accounts have been aliased together. We would like to fix all multiple aliased user in RevenueCat so we have two questions if you could help please:

  1. How can we find all users in RevenueCat where multiple users/user ids have been aliased together?
  2. How can we remove the additional user id aliases and create distinct customers with those user ids? (Preferably without losing history)

2 replies

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Hey @JasonG! The only way to remove the aliases would be to delete the entire customer from RevenueCat - which would require them to restore purchases to recreate their customer in RevenueCat.

If it was me, it’s most likely not worth the effort to attempt to change these older customers 🤷‍♂️

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@ryan Thank you for your response! They aren’t really older customers. We went live September 2nd just a little after the changes to restore behavior were released. Most of our customer base had been imported or added through the API before we knew you could change the restore option in the portal.

Any chance there is something on the road map to give us more control over aliases? Or perhaps adding more functionality to the Rest API?