What happens if a subscribed user purchases lifetime access?

  • 30 January 2022
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How does RevenueCat handle the situation when a user that has an active subscription for a given entitlement intends to purchase a “lifetime subscription” - i.e. a non-consumable product that is attached to the same entitlement?

Does this automatically stop/cancel the running subscription? Is there any special implementation needed to prevent that a user purchases lifetime access but at the same time has a running subscription?

I would appreciate any input on this (or references to documentation) since I have not been able to find an answer anywhere so far. Thanks in advance!

(Asking for an iOS application)


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Hey @coderExMachina!

Purchasing a non-consumable product will not automatically cancel an active subscription, so you’ll need to inform your user that they need to cancel their subscription. Otherwise, the subscription will continue to bill until it is cancelled.

Unfortunately, developers aren’t able to manage user subscriptions automatically - the user has to take some kind of action to cancel an existing subscription, and there aren’t any workarounds for this at the moment. It’s best to be as up front and transparent as possible to your customer so they know they have to take action.