"Unsubscribe Detected At" better documentation

  • 10 January 2023
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Good afternoon

We would like to understand better what you consider “Unsubscribe Detected At” in the documentation here:


If a user turn-off auto-renew, does that property gets enable with the date when the user turned it off? 

Thank you


3 replies

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Hey @philippe levieux!

Unsubscribe detected at is the date that the user turned off auto-renew - it means they’ve unsubscribed, but they may not have lost access to their subscription yet. When the user unsubscribes, we’ll populate this field.

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Ok great. That is exactly what we’re looking for. 
Might be worth adding these in the documentation :) 

Hello @cody and @philippe levieux ,

I've noticed that the unsubscribedDetectedAt field is updated only when a user turns off auto-renewal in the Google Play Store. However, if a user downgrades using the "Deferred" mode, this field remains null and “willRenew” field remains true.

Because of this, I'm unable to provide confirmation to the user that their downgrade request was successful and that they will be billed for the lower-tier subscription upon the next renewal.

Is there a way to detect if a user has requested a downgrade in "Deferred" mode? I'm using Flutter SDK version 5.8.0.

Thank you!