Understanding Basics. iOS Subscription groups

  • 16 November 2021
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I am quite confused with this. An insight into how I should plan this would be much appreciated…

Here is what i am trying to do…



So, I have 3 types of Annual subscription products.

  • Product 1 - Annual_10 (manage a team of 10 people)
  • Product 2 - Annual_20 (manage a team of 20 people)
  • Product 3 - Annual_50 (manage a team of 50 people)

Q1 - How do I organise this in one or their own subscription group so that only one subscription is active at any one time! I want the person to be able to switch between subscriptions. So if someone buys Annual_20 and after 8 weeks decides to goto Annual_50, I want him to be able to do it by paying the associated cost and Annual_20 to be disabled at that point.


Q2 - Can this switch be done through code or it will need to be done in settings on the iPhone?


Many thanks 


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Hey @DEE!


Q1: Sounds like you want these all in the same Subscription Group. A subscription group assures that only one product can be active at a time, and only one free trial can be used across the subscription group.


Q2: Both! You can purchase a different product through code, and Apple automatically handles the upgrade/downgrade behavior AND the customer can go to their phone settings and switch between any product in the subscription group at any time.