Testing Subscriptions on Testflight & Adjust Events?

  • 30 April 2024
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Hi There,

Is there an easy way to test the subscriptions on TestFlight version and see also the partner integration is correctly working for Adjust? Or do we have to go live with the iOS version on production? Cause this is a bit risky, we have changed all our subscription infrastructure with RevenueCat.

And just need to be sure of All Trials, Trial Converted subscriptions cancellations and other events are working well, and also we should see them on Adjust dashboard with our TestFlight version if possible?


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2 replies

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@sharif @Ryan Glanz 🙏

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Hi @moby-bd2f2d,

Yes, absolutely! Adjust should accept sandbox events without any additional set up. You can make your TestFlight purchases in your app, then in Adjust make you sure toggle the “Sandbox events” filter on. More information about testing the Adjust integration with sandbox users here in our docs: