Support for other payments(crypto)

  • 20 April 2022
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Hey all, I love the idea of RevenueCat being the single source of truth for payments, especially the subscription part.

I am building an app that is cross platform(android, ios and web). I use Ionic capacitor, so the frontend is also fully cross platform. But I have quite a few different payment methods.

I am adding both in app purchases and also stripe for web. 

But for web, I also support crypto(eth) payment. Now I know RevenueCat does not and most likely cannot support “all” payment methods. So I am not asking for Crypto payment method support, but it would be super nice if we could add a general customizable app in the project settings, where my backend can simply post new payment data created by some other 3rd party payment method(such as crypto)


With this implemented, I can just check RevenueCat data to check if a user is subscribed to a specific plan, whereas now, I would have to check both RevenueCat and also check if a user is subscribed through Crypto, basically as soon as we add a payment method that RevenueCat does not support, it does not become a single source of truth. 

4 replies

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Hey @Sihoon 

We appreciate the feature request! Happy to pass this along to the team for discussion. Interesting that you mention crypto and web, we recently saw that Stripe is supporting crypto, however, it looks like at the moment this is just for payouts. 

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We’d be very interested in this too. @Sihoon is right, the real benefit of revenueCat is that it’s a single source of truth across multiple platforms and payment gateways and crypto support would be amazing here.

To take the idea further, I would also love to be able to grant access to subscriptions to owners of certain NFT projects. That way I could sell NFTs relating to my app to gain a group of invested individuals who will provide regular feedback and likely recommend the app to friends.

From a technical perspective, this would be fairly easy to implement across multiple cryptocurrencies if there was an api call which allowed us to grant access to a user for “free” in the existing RevenueCat framework. Obviously, this poses challenges to the business model of RevenueCat - but I’d certainly be happy to help @tina if anyone would like to reach out to understand feasibility.

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In fact, thats exactly what we are doing in Ninjalerts.

If a user owns one of our NFTs with limited supply, the user can connect that wallet into our service and the user will get lifetime license as long as the user holds the token. And yes they do give us a lot of valuable feedback because these users are more like “very early stage investors”.

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That’s awesome @Sihoon - did you find a way to integrate that with RevenueCat or are you still checking two systems?