RevenueCat & Cocos2d-x

  • 27 November 2022
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Hi everybody,

my App (opti*Map for Android and iOS) offers in-app purchases. Up to now I used the SDKBOX IAP  library which unfortunately is not supported anymore.

Therefore I would like to migrate to RevenueCat!

Has anybody in this community successfully implemented RevenueCat in a Cocos2d-x Project which is mainly programmed in C++?

Thanks for your answers and best regards,


3 replies

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These are currently the only SDKs we have (and languages we support):

Nothing in C++ currently and not planned afaik.

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Too bad, but thanks for your answer!   


Im implementing with success using my own PlatformHelper that interact with native Android and iOS libs. You can see on my app "Bible Mania" (