Receipt for universal purchase returning different original purchase date

  • 17 May 2023
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A user reached out to me this weekend saying that they purchased the app awhile ago and some legacy features that should be unlocked for them isn’t on one of their devices. My app grants legacy access based on the purchase date and original purchase version, similar to the way RevenueCats iOS example shows it being done. The user sent me info from each device and it shows that one device believes the first install was recent, and the other a few years ago. Is it really possible for receipts across devices for a universal purchase could be different? Or could there be some kind of issue like this if the user was part of a Testflight beta? 


If the receipts can be different, what is the best way to handle granting legacy features? Should I just come in on RevenueCat and grant lifetime for them, or is there a better way of detection on iOS?

1 reply

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Hey @Litteral!

Could you open a support ticket from our dashboard and send over the user ID in question, so we can take a look at the receipts on our end?