Purchases not showing in RevenueCat

  • 28 June 2023
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Hi there,

We’ve recently experienced a small number of users who have made a purchase but nothing has comw through to RC.

We typically ask our user to press a button which calls the restore purchases button - however this is not working either.

I can see the user in RC and they’ve had their custom user ID set from the auth provider or social login, but no event for the purchase.

Any idea on what could be going wrong?

3 replies

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Do you have any information about the purchase? If you have the order ID, you could search the order ID in the dashboard. Maybe that can give you a hint on what could have happened

Maybe the purchase was accounted to a different user? Has this happened on a single platform (ios, google store, stripe...) or on multiple?


This is only occurring on iOS.

I’ll see if I can obtain the order ID and find those in RC

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Same here, we only have an iOS app, some customers reporting their iOS purchases are not showing up, they seem to show up later but are delayed. Started happening about a day or two ago, June 28th.  Looking at the customer records in RevenueCat initially there is not purchase showing but it does show up later.