Paywall Localization support is incomplete

  • 15 April 2024
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I've recently started using the fantastic paywall features in my Flutter app. However, I've noticed that the localization support for this feature is quite incomplete. This deficiency could potentially lead to a poor user experience and, consequently, lower conversion rates for purchases.


Presently, it seems there's no option to display the paywall in a specific language upon request. As a result, if my app supports multiple languages and allows users to choose their preferred language in the settings page, the paywall page remains unaffected by these settings. Instead, the language is determined by the App Store's origin country. It would be preferable for the paywall to adopt the device's locale as the default language rather than relying solely on the user's country of origin. This would ensure a more accurate display of the paywall language in various situations.


I'm hopeful for a solution to this issue.

Thank you for your attention.

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1 reply

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Hi! The way that our Paywalls currently should be working is that they use both the store account’s location and the device’s location for certain parts of the paywall. We are investigating changing this behavior. I would like to investigate why the paywall is only using the store account’s location. Can you share the project that this paywall is attached to, as well as the app user ID for your test user where you are seeing this?